Did you know?

Did you know that Mundawathu is the most promising and fastest growing startup in terms of fruit and seed multiplication in Lilongwe?

At Green Impact we just completed the installation of a Solar water pump for the company which will enable them to scale and commercialise plants multiplication.

As of now, there are only about a few months left to take advantage of the craziest sale Mundawathu Garden has ever done… For a very limited rainy season you can get at least a discount from 100 gaint bamboo seedlings and successfully be amongst the people who are haversting 1000 tonnes after 4 years. If your response is yes! Don’t hesitate to dial the following numbers below to reserve your order. And for only Mwk900! (that is a huge savings of 30% off!)+265882730881/0992 897 701 Mundawathu Gardens

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